LLC “KharkovSpetsTyazhTrans” was established in early 2006.

Main activities – a full range of services for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo (from agricultural to mining and steelmaking equipment and transformers and reactors for the energy industry) on the territory of Ukraine and abroad (CIS, Europe), transportation and superbulky goods.

“Full service” includes all stages of the preparatory work on the preliminary study of the route and further align it with all necessary services (in each case, a list of these organizations can change depending on the degree of oversize / overweight cargo and its transportation routes, respectively) to obtain special permits for transportation of oversized / heavy cargo and directly execute the transportation.

At your request we can provide services to our partners in the rental of cranes, special lifting equipment, equipment installation using unique technology (the ability to mount a single unit up to 400 tons).

Our transport

Solutions for every project on transportation is best suited specially designed for this purpose vehicle. We encourage you to contact us in any way, a convenient way for you, subject to agreed terms of transportation. Under motor park, we offer you a list of our vehicles with brief comments.

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