Technologies and equipment that are used today in construction of various industrial facilities, such as unit, power plant or a new plant engineering businesses largely depend directly on the volume of financing. And all because they often need to build heavy duty vehicles, such as heavy plant (turbine, generator, reactor, news, transformers and the like). Interestingly, that a huge amount of money spent on the Structural work, which may include: arrangement of the foundation, installation of load-bearing structures of the building, and more. Especially worth select a time as the installation of overhead crane, capable lift loads weighing up to 200 tons. The fact that he not only has very expensive, but also requires a certain amount of costs Cash and its installation. At the same amount of work with very heavy loads it is small, and most of the time it spends small objects, which weigh from 3 to 20 tons.

In this regard, along with crane assembly methods, increasing popularity is currently gaining Ros mounting method heavyweights. As a result, there is no need in thousands of tons steel and concrete, which significantly reduces time of construction. Thanks to modern equipment and rigging techniques, they are used in our country.

It is worth noting that the company has the most advanced, reliable, hydraulic rigging equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. The list of services provided by Company “Kharkovspetstyazhtrans” includes such activities as: loading, unloading, rise, setting the foundation, dismantling, tilting heavy places whose weight ranges from 50 to 5000 tons. for this uses special modern handling equipment. that As for the height, which can lift a similar equipment, it is an average of about 18 meters. Are possible options and to lift cargo and above, this company specialists will pick up the necessary starting point.

Overcoming the bridge structures with the help of specialized equipment. Thanks to this equipment can not only moving heavy equipment to the installation site without special arrangement of access roads and structures, but also overcoming bridges with insufficient capacity.

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