Transportation of construction equipment

Construction equipment today is very popular and is presented in a huge variety. Iron monsters – a reliable companion of any unique projects. When building houses, stadiums, roads, and especially entire cities, one cannot do without:

  • asphalt pavers;
  • loaders;
  • drilling rigs;
  • cranes;
  • bulldozers;
  • excavators.

All of them are designed taking into account the tasks assigned to them, they are solved quickly and professionally. Only in the process of project implementation can a transportation problem arise. For example, if you rented a crane in one city, and spend construction in another, or even outside the country.

The company “Kharkovspeztyazhtrans” is ready to offer you professional platforms, low-bed, oversized or heavy, depending on the characteristics of your equipment. Transportation is carried out both on the territory of Ukraine and on international level.

By contacting us, you will receive assistance in calculating and planning the movement of any construction vehicles and installations. Your construction project will be implemented on the highest level!

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