Obtaining a special permit for the transportation of oversized / heavy cargo

When transporting oversized and heavy cargoes, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and other countries, it is necessary to obtain approvals and special permission for transportation.

An oversized or heavy is considered to be a road train with a cargo, if at least one of these parameters is exceeded: – weight – 40 tons and more; – height – 4 meters and more; – width – 2.55 meters and more; – length – 20 meters and more.

Depending on the excess of one or another parameter of a road train, the time to receive approval of the route and permit may vary from several days to several months.

When performing transportation of oversized or overweight cargo, the carrier must have a special permit for transportation from each country on whose territory the transportation takes place. In this document, indicate the registration number of the vehicle, its weight and dimensions, the driver’s name, the route of movement (with the name of the streets of settlements), the allowed period and time of movement, some restrictions.

For carrying out transportation of oversized or heavy cargo without special permits, a rather severe punishment is provided, as the damage to the road surface, artificial structures, bridges, etc. can be very large. In Ukraine, the violator’s transport is arrested prior to issuing a special permit, a double toll is collected, and a protocol is drawn up for traffic laws. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the penalty for unauthorized deviation from the route reaches the equivalent of US$ 20,000. In the EU, for violation of the rules for the transportation of oversized cargo, in addition to a considerable fine, the carrier’s company may be deprived of a license, or denied entry of the carrier’s vehicles into the European Union.

Specialists of our company ” KharkovSpeztyazhtrans LLC”: – lay the best route for the movement of your oversized / heavy road train; – if necessary, arrange a survey of the route for the possibility of movement of the train; – agree on the route of transportation of oversize cargo with all necessary services; – will apply request and get special permission to transport oversized / overweight cargo; – will provide a car with an experienced pilot to accompany the cargo; – if necessary, coordinate the transportation of oversized vehicles by the police escort.

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