Transportation of long cargoes

Among all the professional services of our company in the field of transportation, the delivery of lengthy cargoes is in special demand. Under this definition fall rails, pipes, construction wood, special equipment, turbines and other goods whose length exceeds 20 m. or they can go beyond the limits of the road train on which they are transported, more than 2 meters. It is not possible to disassemble such cargoes into smaller sections.

Despite the demand for this service, there are also difficulties. For transportation it is necessary to provide a special reliable vehicle. Driver’s qualification also plays a big role, because he will make the main decisions in the process of transportation.

Our company has extensive experience in professional transportation, and also offers a fleet with a solid range of trucks and related platforms. We carefully study the project in advance, using the mechanisms for solving problems developed over the years of work. He helps us to take into account all the features and nuances, to provide for possible difficulties.

Thus, our customers receive:

  • The most profitable cost – during the ordering process, our specialist will take into account all the features of your cargo, which will allow us to choose the appropriate type of transport;
  • Minimum time – We try to lay the shortest route, but this is not always justified. Where it is more important to provide passability for heavy trucks;
  • International cooperation – the transportation of lengthy goods abroad requires the preparation of a large number of documents and knowledge of many nuances.

Our company “KHSTT” has extensive experience in the field of transportation, which allows to ensure the quality, profitability and efficiency of services. The offices of our partners in different countries and the availability of permits make the delivery process even easier. All details and nuances will be thought out, which means we guarantee the integrity of the goods and their timely arrival.

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