Sea transportation of cargoes is a difficult and costly solution, but often necessary. In international trade can not do without it. One of the popular methods is Ro-Ro. The name clearly explains the essence of this method. It stands for roll on-roll-off, which translates as “roll in, roll out”. Barges, ferries and ships are equipped with ramps. With their help, the goods are loaded on board without a crane, rolled in.

This method is resorted to in situations where the cargo does not correspond to the size of a standard container. Most often it is:

  • heavy objects;
  • agricultural equipment of large dimensions;
  • construction equipment;
  • large cars, such as limousines;
  • sea transport with a trailer – yachts, boats;
  • motor homes, trailers;
  • pipes and other cargoes longer than 20 meters;
  • other specialized equipment.

This is the only method of transportation of heavy indivisible cargoes.

Our specialists have extensive experience in shipping. So, we can offer you options for optimizing costs and delivery times. We also guarantee minimization of risks, since transportation by sea without a container is always unpredictable. Trusting us, you deliver your goods on time and in full safety!

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