Transportation of agricultural machinery

In Ukraine, the agrarian sector is actively developing, and therefore it is not surprising that the transportation of agricultural equipment is becoming an increasingly profitable service. It is already unprofitable to have special equipment on each individual site, because in this case the cost of its payback increase significantly.

In order not to face the difficulties of transportation, it is better to entrust this issue to professionals. We offer services for the transportation of agricultural equipment throughout Ukraine and abroad. In order for us to have the opportunity to offer our clients the most beneficial services, we have worked with manufacturers for years. And only having understood all the nuances of technology, we began to work in this area.

In our fleet, low-bed semi-trailers and trailers with different platform heights and elongation possibilities are presented.

Agricultural machinery is not distinguished by such solid dimensions and large weight, such as construction. Therefore, in order to transport it to another city or country, a trailer is sufficient, whose carrying capacity does not exceed 40 tons.

Alternatively, we can offer a low-bed semi-trailer (“holdfast”).

When transporting such goods, in addition to weight and dimensions, it is important to consider other criteria. In particular, the possibility of placing mounted units, which is important for many units of agricultural machinery. This directly affects the final cost of the service for the client.

Turning to our experts, you can be sure that we will offer the fastest and most profitable way to deliver your equipment to the destination.

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