Transportation of heavy cargoes

Of all the cargo transportation, the transportation of heavy cargoes is the most difficult and costly. This results from the fact that all its stages demand careful preparation and the thought-over plan of actions.

It is necessary to obtain permits, sometimes you need to switch off, raise or even dismantle power lines. Even landscape changes happen. Here it is important to work out the project plan as much as possible, since every meter of the road affects the volume of losses and the final result.

Our company has extensive experience in the transportation of heavy cargo, weighing 40-400 tons. We work both in Ukraine and abroad – in the CIS and Western Europe. Our fleet includes reliable trailers with a special frames that not only ensures the safe transportation of goods, but even reduces the damage to the roadway. For the customer it is very profitable.

We also have road trains with different dimensions of platforms, a maximum angle of entry and a small loading height.

It is important to remember that if you carry out heavy transportation in European countries, the weight of the cargo is of fundamental importance. In many countries, a special survey is carried out along the way, if the weight of the train exceeds 60 tons. Of course, this can not affect the cost of transportation, and also complicates the process of paperwork.

For these reasons, the task of transporting heavy oversized cargo is better to put on the shoulders of professionals. We have extensive experience, and we closely cooperate with enterprises that conduct surveys, issue permits, etc. For our clients, we can organize pilot escort, police escort and security guards along the entire route. Everything so that your delivery run successful!

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